About Us

Live Wyld. Love Wyld. Create Wyld. Created by best friends  Ashley Prybycien (24) and Cathie Rattanakone (23). Two fun loving gals living it up in the heart of Los Angeles. They have both been bloggers since 2013 and wanted to create something original. Ashley with a background in Film + Media studies and Cathie with a background in Fashion they have both been obsessed with creating. Live Wyld started because of our love to paint and create something that no one in the world has. With a passion for travel, music and beaches we want to bring that to each piece. Each piece takes days and long hours to complete and each piece leaves a part of us in it. We want to inspire others and create pieces that start conversations that matter. Every piece is carefully thought about, and created through our eyes and we hope you wear + love the heck out of them like we do. 


Creators and Founders

Ashley and Cathie